4 April to June 5

PSB Recital XXII on June 5 @ the CCP
The PSB Summer Intensive-2k16 once again opens 4 April and winds all the way up to a showcase at the CCP’s Little Theater in a production called PSB Recital XXII.

The faculty will be led by Ms Perry Sevidal and assisted by PJ Rebullida, Geri Francisco and Susan Justimbaste-Decena and Angel Gomez.

It will be an 8-week intensive dance workshop covering Classical Ballet, Pointé Class, Modern Technique, Kid, HipTapHop and Mat Pilates.
The faculty is composed only of dance luminaries who have actual professional performance experience.

Students are classified according to the following levels:

Baby Ballet                       3 years old and up
Pre-Beginner I and II     6-9
Children’s Ballet I           9-12
Children’s Ballet II
Children’s Ballet III        12 and up

A very active and persistent category of PSB students are in the Ladies Ballet. It is composed of mothers of students and even career professionals who find time from their busy schedules to to dance.

This summer there is a special flamenco class every Monday from 9.30-11 am and will be handled by Angel Gomez. Angel has been a long time friend of PSB and stayed to teach in Singapore for many years.

Professional-level performance opportunity at the country’s premier performing arts venue under the direct supervision of professionals, then becomes a glorious ending to another hot summer in the Philippines.

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