Chika Kobayashi (PSB 2008-2011)
20 March 2014

I wish I could give the flowers to Teacher Perry and share this happy moment with everyone.  I appreciate everything you have done for me.  I am so happy that I come to the Philippines.  I love ballet more and more because of Teacher Perry.  PSB is like a warm family.  I can’t think of my life in the Philippines without you and PSB.  I hope everyone will understand this.

Isabel Gapas (PSB 2008-2010)
20 March 2014

Thank you for a wonderful summer.  I love dancing under you tutelage.  You bring out the best in me and I love that feeling.

Ninna Estrella (PSB 1999-2004)
20 March 2014

When I first entered your studio in Bakawan, tired from climbing 5 flights of stairs, I was just a dancer, a cheerleader past her prime who had put on a few pounds post competition.  I was an old dancer looking for a little stress therapy and exercise.  But you saw more in me than just another faceless student.  You pushed my tummy in and dared me to balance.  You reminded me to project and smile, even at the barre!  You taught me to control my energy and lengthen my reach.  You looked at my feet and helped me dance on my toes!  Thank you for filling our class with fun, laughter and passion for dance!

Isabella Ocampo (PSB 2010 up to present)
20 March 2014

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the many things you have done for not only me, but also for the whole PSB.  First of all, thank you for sharing with us a part of you every time we step in the studio.  Thank you for teaching all of us to be persevering, determined, courageous and to have faith in ourselves.  Thank you also for believing in me especially during times where I don’t have enough faith in myself.

Kazuyo Miyachi (PSB Ladies Ballet 2010 up to present)
20 March 2014

It has been my greatest year in 2010 since I met you and started taking your wonderful ballet lessons.  You are unbelievably cute and an attractive person and super teacher!  Truly, you are my idol!  I am looking forward to taking your joyful lessons next year.

Lina Peralejo (PSB 2010 up to present)
20 March 2014

Thank you for giving me this challenge of dancing the sugar plum fairy.  It was really a big shock when you told me and I remember the initial panic in my brain…”Oh no…Big Lifts!”  I’m really glad though that you challenged me because it made me believe in myself some more.  I really didn’t think that I could do it.

Maegan Hinolan (PSB 2004 up to present)
20 March 2014

I love the way you tell us “don’t die” after every jump.

I love the way you push us to our limits.

I love the way you say “Yes!” everytime we execute a step correctly.

I love the way you give your words of inspiration and encouragement every green room.

I love how you tease us sometimes.  Example: Calling Paulette a fish…Haha!

I love how you take care of us.  From picking flowers to doing spring pointes.  From teaching me how to pointe my feet to my first pirouette.  From soft shoes to my first pair of pointe shoes.  From a group dance to giving me a variation with Elise!

Marguitta Rodriguez, SMART/PSB Scholar (2005 to present )
20 March 2014

Thank you so much for helping me in molding myself into a better person.  Thank you for inspiring me to be more CONFIDENT and giving me motivation to try harder and put passion in everything I do.  Thank you for being PATIENT with all of us and teaching us with all your heart.  Thank you for the guidance and concern.  You never fail to put a smile on our faces during ballet classes.

Nikki Mendoza, SMART/PSB Scholar (2007-2013)
20 March 2014

I was only 12 years old when I started dancing ballet and I thank you for keeping and igniting the passion within me.

Paulette Estampador (PSB 2010 up to present)
20 March 2014

I started my ballet lessons when I was three years old.  At that time I’m sure it was my mom’s idea and not mine.  But when I met you four years ago, I decided to stay at PSB because you have inspired me to be a better dancer.  Since then, you have given me the motivation to be the best dancer that I can be by training me to my limits.  Thank you for being my teacher, for patiently guiding me and helping me master my ballet techniques.  Sorry for my being makulit sometimes.  I appreciate your loving care and guidance. I promise to continue to listen to your instructions and to work hard every time I come to class.  Someday I hope to make you proud.