The independent nature of Perry Sevidal Ballet as a business entity is the only limiting factor to its ability to offer scholarship opportunities to deserving dancers.


We likewise acknowledge Makati City’s Sports, Music, Arts and Recreation Training for appointing PSB to be in-charge of its Classical Ballet component.  Makati City’s Sports, Music, Arts and Recreation Training is a summer program for the city’s youth and it has been integrated with our school’s own PSB Summer Intensive since the year 2004.  The short-term scope of this summer scholarship, however, severely limits the dancer’s progress and advancement. We believe dance to be a year-round commitment in order to excel.


Nevertheless, in its own way, PSB currently has 6 year-round ballet scholars with varying skill levels in its roster. Some have been training with PSB for up to eight years varying in ages from 12 to 16.  We are very proud of the results of this tiny contribution to the community.


PSB will continue its recruitment of scholars based on an applicant’s skill, aptitude and financial capability. We will be most grateful for any support, no matter how big or small, from a partner institution or even well-meaning individuals who believe in the power of Dance as a way of life.


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