About PSB


Mandy ballet highresThe Perry Sevidal Ballet opened in 17 September 1994 with only 4 little girls as students in a rented dance studio owned by Ms Teta Sugay, a noted Tap Dance teacher, on Yakal St, San Antonio Village, Makati.

In April 1997 the PSB moved to the 5th floor of a renovated building on Bakawan St which had no elevators. Growth had been established from the first studio as the school built up a loyal following of students that included many Japanese expatriates and their children.

A 234 sq m lot was then leased on Sampaloc Ave to build a new school facility from scratch. Bu Venezuela and Vince Kukuminato, both ballerina architects, collaborated on a design that many admire for its simplicity and functionality. It opened later than its original schedule for the many problems encountered. The facility has however stood now for 13 years and continue to be a source of pride and joy for the school.

The main studio, named after Ms Teresa Cancio-Suplico, features a heavy duty, 9m by 12m dance floor. The ceiling height is equivalent to more than two floors. Its second floor viewing area with a glass viewing partition allows the parents to monitor classes.

A Note from Teacher Perry

Everyone of us here at PSB are either still performing on stage or were once on that stage as a full-time professional.

Come and discover how you can grow your wings and fly through the magic and discipline that Classical Ballet engenders.

Bottom line at the PSB Makati Studio: Fun!